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What to expect when it’s time for your reroof

By now, you have read our blog about choosing a professional roofing contractor. If not, check it out! You have done your research, gotten your estimates, asked your questions, signed a contract, and paid your deposit. Now what???


At this point, a lot is happening in the office to get your project set up. The first thing is confirming availability of your selected roofing material. Some products take longer to get than others so we contact our supplier and let them know what we will need for your project to make sure there will be no delays. If there is an issue, we will let you know as soon as we do, so there are no surprises later. At this time, your permit is also applied for. Some jurisdictions take longer than others to process, so we try to make sure we have your permit in place and know your specific inspection requirements before looking at the schedule. Typically, 1-2 weeks after you sign your contract, someone from our office will contact you with a tentative schedule date. Please remember that this is a tentative schedule, and many things can affect your schedule date, including weather or dry rot on other projects. However, we do our best to keep your project as close as possible to the date given.


Today is the day! The tear off crew will normally show up around 7:00am to begin removing your existing roof. They will typically have 1-3 vehicles along with a dump trailer which they will need to get as close to the house as possible. You will want to make sure things are moved away from the house and let the crew know if there are any unmovable items you are concerned about. During the tear off process, the crew will also be looking for any dry rot or damaged wood that needs to be replaced. If there are additional repairs needed, the office will create a change order, so you are aware of the additional cost. Tear off can be a bit messy but at the end of the day, the crew will have everything cleaned up.


Your roofing material will typically be delivered either the day of the tear off, or the following day. The delivery truck is usually a large semi-truck that will need access to an extent. In most cases the material is placed directly on the roof. The crew will confirm that the correct material was delivered as well as the correct amounts.


Next, if gutters are a part of your contract, the crew could begin cutting and installing them. In some cases, the gutters need to be installed at the end of the project, which does not affect the gutters or roof in any way. It is just a bit more labor intensive so whenever possible; we try to do this step before the new roof is installed.


The next step in the process is installing your underlayment. We always use the synthetic underlayment recommended by the material manufacturer in order to ensure that your roof is 100% warranty compliant. In addition to the synthetic underlayment, we also may use an additional layer of 30 pound felt on any overhangs to avoid nails puncturing the plywood, and in some cases, we may also use Ice and Water Shield.


Finally, the crew will install your selected roofing material including replacing all flashings and adding or replacing ventilation. There are different factors that go into each type of roofing material, however, replacing your flashings is an important item. Some companies will reuse your existing flashings, but we do not, and this is likely where you will have an issue later on if new flashings are not installed. Another important piece to the puzzle is ventilation. A lack of ventilation can not only void your material warranty but can drastically affect the longevity of your roof.  Your roof is a complete system that needs all the off the pieces properly put together in order to function as it should for as long as it should.


After your roof is complete, your final inspection for your permit will be scheduled and you will be invoiced for the amount agreed on your contract (along with any additional change order cost). Once you pay your bill, you will receive your final closing documents and your warranty information.


You can now enjoy your newly built roof without the worry of water damage or high-end exposure!