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Mountain Roofing Systems provides a 5-year workmanship warranty on all new roofing projects. However, your workmanship warranty can also be upgraded to a 15-20 year warranty. In addition to your workmanship warranty, the roofing manufactures now offer a standard limited lifetime warranty on all their roofing material.

We have our estimators look for eave venting, ridge venting and gables end vents to confirm the roof is adequately ventilated. Properly ventilating your roof is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Poor ventilation causes heat in the attic which essentially cooks the roof from below and causes moisture. Excess moisture will eventually lead to dry rotted sheeting, making your roof repair or roof replacement significantly more expensive.

No. Unfortunately no roofing system is completely maintenance free. For example tile roofing is notorious for getting clogged in valley and water way areas. These areas on your roof need to be cleared of debris periodically. We recommend roofing maintenance every 2-3 years to keep the roofing material and roof structure at optimal performance.

Yes. Other roofing systems like composition shingles or concrete tile roofing materials can tend to be damaged by ice buildup at the eaves. These conditions can tend to tear composition or break tile roofing materials. Unlike the other materials, metal roofing tends to allow the snow and ice to slide off the roof preventing the ice build up and extending the longevity of the roofing system.

Yes. In the long run gutter guards will save you time and money. Like your roof, your gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned regularly if they do not have a gutter guard installed. Gutter guards keep your gutters free of debris, so you don’t need to worry about getting up on your roof or paying someone else to do it.

Excessive granular loss in the roofing shingle, cracking, curling or missing shingles, or flashings that are broken through are just a few things to look for, however there are different kinds of damages that can compromise a roof system. Hiring a professional to perform a roof inspection periodically can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A leaking roof is a bad thing. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a complete roof replacement. How much work needs to be done on your roof depends on the extent of damage caused by leaking. Talking to a roofing professional is the best way to know whether repairs are an option or if a full roof replacement is necessary.

20 to 30 Years is the average life expectancy of the average roof system. The life span of a roof system is determined by several factors, including building structure, material quality, material suitability, proper installation, periodic maintenance, and much more. When choosing the roofing materials for a new roof be sure to ask your roofing contractor about the manufacture’s warranties.

Leaks can be very difficult to spot because water wants to find the path of least resistance and can travel for a while before finally showing up through your ceiling. You can try going into your attic or crawl space with a flashlight and try to trace it, but your most accurate answer will come from having a professional come out to track the leak and give you a quote.

The difficulty of the repair depends on several factors, such as what is causing the leak, and the overall age and condition of the roof. If the leak is caused by a few minor issues with the shingles or flashing, this can be repaired easily in a couple hours. However, if the roof is old and subject to widespread problems, it may need to be replaced.

While it is possible to layer one set of shingles on top of another, this may be setting you up for future problems. If your current shingles are curling, cracked, missing, or are covered with moss or algae, you will need to strip them to install the new roof. Likewise, if you already have two layers on your roof, they will have to come off to install the new shingles to comply with building code.

Every roof is different, as well as what the roofers will find when they get up there. The average size home will take between 3-5 days depending on the size and the scope of the project.

Unfortunately, this is not something that can be answered before the old roof comes off. If the wood beneath your shingles shows signs of water damage, it will need to be replaced as well.

The type of roof that you get should complement the rest of the style and features of your home. You should also take into consideration the material, how long it lasts, and the costs to make this personal decision. A good roofing professional can assist you in the correct selection.

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